Jump jump jump (Miren Callejo)

Name of Activity: Jump Jump Jump

Purpose of Activity: To develop motor skills using jumping movements: Locomotor skill—jumping; Rhythmic movement skill—rope jumping.

Prerequisites: Locomotor skills and Individual Rope Jumping

Suggested Grade Level: K-2

Materials Needed: 6-, 7-, and 8- foot Jump Ropes at stations 1 and 4, Music, Stations Described

Description of Idea

Use cones to designate 8 station areas. You may copy and paste the visual cues included to hang at each station.

Demonstrate jump activities at each station.

Divide class into 8 groups and assign each group to one station. Provide 45 seconds for students to complete the jump challenge before signaling them to move on to the next station (rotate in order). In between stations, ask students to participate in a one minute flexibility exercise to provide rest time between jumping stations.

Play energetic music during stations!

See Stations

Assessment Ideas:

Informal observations using corrective feedback as students move station to station.

Teaching Suggestions:

If you notice students getting tired then bring them all in to talk about what you see and encourage them.

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